Family Therapy sees the individual’s symptom or problem/difficulty as a result of the dysfunctional way the family interacts. The therapist thus intervenes to create conditions for an improved dialogue between family members, helping to build healthy and harmonious relationships, and supporting families so that they can best deal with the challenges that arise. The sessions are held with the various elements of the family, however they may also involve only one individual.

Family Therapy is useful when there is an intention to change the functioning of the family. This therapy may be advantageous in the following situations:

  • Relationship and/or communication difficulties between spouses, between parents and children or between siblings;
  • Situations of family crisis (illness or mourning);
  • Difficulties of separation or approximation between the elements of the family;
  • Problematic behaviors of a child or adolescent;
  • Conflicts of generation;
  • Difficulties in the performance of parental roles;
  • Drug and alcohol abuse;
  • Depression.