Mindfulness is a mental training of attention to the present moment, that involves accepting without judging everything that appears in the consciousness. Normally, the mind works on an automatic pilot mode, so that our body performs mechanized actions (like driving) while the mind thinks about the past or the future. This mode of being leads us to a superficial and unsatisfactory experience of our life – we live in a somewhat dormant way, without having a correct and real notion of what we do.

Thus, Mindfulness proposes the intense experience of the present moment, just as it is. In practice, this means to constantly bring attention to the present stimuli, such as the sensations (smells, sounds, taste, touch, breath or other bodily sensations), thoughts and emotions, maintaining a posture of curiosity towards them.

Moreover, the way one pays attention to the current moment is guided by acceptance and not by the attempt to fight or change what is present. This attitude is essential because, according to Mindfulness, most of human suffering results from the struggle against what, by its own nature, cannot be controlled or changed.

Mindfulness training allows you to come back to your life and live it intensely, completely and fully.

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