Psychological Assessment is a process of testing that uses several techniques and tools of psychology in order to understand and have more information about a the patient’s behavior, personality and capabilities/skills.

This assessment is made by a qualified psychologist, that will interpret the scores of several tests (as well as other methods) and, consequently, to create hypothesis of classification or diagnosis regarding the patient’s behavior, personality or capabilities. These hypotheses can help better understand the patient’s psychological functioning, as well as inform how better to intervene with that specific person (what should be the course of treatment).

Psychology Assessment can be useful in a variety of situations, such as:

  • Academic and school difficulties;
  • Vocational assessment (understanding patient skills and weakness);
  • Memory impairments;
  • Concentration and attention difficulties;
  • Restless behavior;
  • Sleep difficulties;
  • Depressive symptoms;
  • Anxiety symptoms;
  • Difficulty with impulse control;
  • Emotional or relational difficulties.